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Craft Beer Happenings: Fonta Flora

Every week we bring you beer tasting highlighting the ever changing world of craft beer and this week we are losing our minds over the appearance of Fonta Flora beers in MA! These genius hippie witches have been making some of the world’s most fascinating, complex, and original beers in Morganton NC for a few years now and we’re overwhelmed with joy to get to offer them up to y’all. Unlike most American craft breweries, Fonta Flora seeks to emphasize and celebrate the craft beer as an agricultural product, as the product of farming, ecology, and culture. Most breweries are making beer with ingredients from all over the world and then calling it local, and they’re also making beers without any consideration for the actual ingredients themselves. No one ever asks who grew the hops or where the malts came from, that is unless you’re the people at Fonta Flora. Prepare to have your minds blown by the reality of Terroir Beer!