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The Times, They Are A Changin' But Modern Times Is Still Great



Come gather 'round people, but not too close because it is darn hot in New England right now.  This brief summer tour makes us think those Coors Light ads with all that ice and watery beer look good. Never fear, we've got better. We're opening up fresh cans of Modern Times goodness. 

The San Diego brewers know a thing or two when it comes to breaking the heat, and we're psyched to have Ice - their very first pils, in stock along with Lomaland - their tasty saison, Orderville - that hazy to goodness Mosaic IPA, and Blazing World - their dank hoppy amber ale. 

These guys bring the good stuff, so don't miss out.

The Fine Deets:

Modern Times

Some People Do What They Like (Untapped):




Blazing World