meet the Gang


Bob Bacco

Wine Guy

Bob spent years in the gourmet industry honing his taste for the best thing of all, wine.  Bacco's Wine and Cheese was the realization of a dream, to spread his knowledge and love of wine, and to have a business he was proud to call his own.  You'll find him perusing the store most days, making sure the Italian wines are well-stocked and that there's no shortage of funky wine.


Emilie Villmore

Cheese Wiz

Emilie took her passion and made it into a career.  Most days, she's busy either reciting the various bylaws of Parmagiano-Reggiano or keeping the cheese happy, healthy, and well-presented (they're living after all).  Ever have a question about the nitty gritty details behind cheese science? Emilie is the gal to talk to.  


Zachary Levesh-Raabe

Resident Metaphysician

While not pondering life's most important questions, Zach is busy searching out the best beer and wine that can be found.  We'd call him a wine-geek if that seemed fitting enough, but that just doesn't complete the picture.  If you ever want to talk culture, and especially beer, Zach's the one to seek out.


Hugh Willett

Resident Humanist

Always willing to lend a hand, Hugh is the social outreach guru at Bacco's.  When he's not helping the rest of the team, he's trying to curate another work playlist to integrate with upcoming tastings, or he just wants something new to listen to.