Gifts That Ship

Want to send a gift to someone out of town? Forget a birthday or just want to cheer someone up?
Fear not, for we have gathered some of our favorite things and made some tasty collections sure to please everyone on your list.

Born in the USA.jpeg

Born in the USA

From sea to shining sea, from the mountains to the plains; all the star spangled deliciousness of hard working Americans delivered to your door.

Cheddar Cheese Plate.jpeg

Cheddar Flight

Explore the diverse world of cheddar with four cheddars in two distinct styles, clothbound and block-aged.

Cheddar Cheese Plate.jpeg

Cheddar Cheese Plate

Make a cheese plate everyone is sure to enjoy, because who doesn’t like cheddar?

Eat Like A Cheesemonger.jpeg
The Gouda Life.jpeg
Party Like A Cheesemonger.jpeg

Eat Like a Cheesemonger

We get asked what we take home, a lot, this is the answer. We’ll picked a handful of our current crushes so you can eat like we do.

The Gouda Life

A sampler of three wildly different goudas for you to explore and live the Gouda Life.

The Old Country

Centuries of tradition, the foundation for today’s foodie, or a mini getaway when you can’t make it there in person.

OMG Truffles.jpeg
Party Like A Cheesemonger.jpeg

“OMG Truffles!”

Truffles are, like, the best! Add truffles to every meal or dress up your signature dish to impress guests.

Party Like A Cheesemonger

Why party like a rockstar, cheesemongers have more fun and better food. When we party, we go all out and this box will help you party like a cheesemonger.

If you'd like to order a gift box to ship, feel free to call us at the store at

 (617) 574-1751

Orders ship Monday thru Wednesday in order to ensure freshness.
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If you would like to order more than 5 gift boxes at a time we require a week’s notice.

**Please inform us of all allergies and/or dietary restrictions at time of purchase.
Please be aware that the FDA does not recommend that persons with compromised immune systems consume unpasteurized cheeses.