Gift Baskets


We here at Bacco’s think that gifts are personal, that’s why we like to put the personal touch into curating what goes into our holiday baskets, whether it’s a particular chocolatier that we’re really fascinated by, a bottle of wine that has a history - a taste of place- or gourmet spreads, crackers, or cookies from small independent businesses that we love and trust.

We want you to walk out of our store knowing that you have something that isn’t just thrown together for the sake of having a “gift option”. The best part of gift giving in our book is seeing how happy it makes those we give them to, and we want that sentiment to be reflected in every decision we make.

We understand that time is fleeting - that’s why we make sure to have baskets that are ready to go and meant to have something for everyone. But we’re more than happy to make a basket just for you - because sometimes one size fits all just isn’t what you had in mind.

If you’d like to put together the perfect gift, give us a call, we’ll be happy to walk you through our selection and answer any questions you may have.


The Bacco’s Team

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