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Calderwood’s one of the more exciting American cheese’s we’ve had in a long time. This is a special collaboration between Jasper Hill, Anne Saxelby, and Chef Dan Barber. The idea was to create a cheese that had a sense of place inside and out.

Six month old wheels of Alpha Tolman are transformed into Calderwood through a two-part process. First, local hay from the pastures the cows graze on is dried at Jasper Hills brand new Randi Albert Calderwood Cropping Center and bound onto the rind of the cheese, where it is aged an additional four months without oxygen before exposing the cheese to the natural flora and fauna in their cheese caves for an additional month.

The result is a rich, flavoral cheese that is packed with floral and citrus notes underscored by a classic savory alpine backbone.

Cheese Facts;

Milk: Raw Cow Milk

Production Origin: Greensboro, VT

Age: ~11 months

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