Cheese and Charcuterie Platters

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It’s all about the spread. No matter whether you’re at the office, or just looking to entertain a few people in your home, people are going to come hungry. We strive to create an assortment of platters that are perfect for any crowd, full of carefully selected delectable cheeses, meats, or both, because why choose?

Sound good so far? We break it down into a few sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Party, because if you’re having a real party, you might as well be redundant.

Small -

Perfect for that small office meeting, because, let’s be honest, office meetings are all about the food. Or that double date you are worried about cooking for.

(Serves 4-6) $50

Medium -

The Swiss army knife in our collection, the perfect amount for a small get-together or an informal office party.

(Serves 10-12) $100


We’ve been there, you’ve got a hungry crowd, and you don’t want to sweat the small stuff, we got you covered.

(Serves 15-20) $150

Party -

No chance anybody is going home on an empty stomach.

(Serves 30+) $250

Cheese -

Our selection of some of our favorite cheeses and the perfect pairings to go with it.

Charcuterie -

Who needs cheese? This platter features some of our favorite cured meats from near and far.

Ultimate -

Our favorites in one setting, the best of both worlds.


There's always an option to customize, just give us a call at the store to let us walk you through it.

If you'd like to order a platter, feel free to call us at the store at

 (617) 574-1751

We request at least 24 hours notice.

Allergen Friendly Options are available.