Tenuta Chevalier Amarone Della Valpolicella

Tenuta Chevalier Amarone Della Valpolicella


Country: Italy

Subregion: Valpolicella, Verona

Varietals: Corvina 80%, Molinara 10%, Rondinella 10%

ABV: 15%

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An old school Amarone in every sense of the word. Packing the power you would expect from such a wine and also incredible elegance, finesse and dare I say freshness (crazy right!). Plenty of dried prunes, dark fruit, spices and an almond finish. The finish on this wine never seems to end, as it is here where you feel the beauty and true balance of this wine. Open it up and drink it all week, the raw power of this wine will last that long. No industrial tannins here nor any from over-oaking, which would fade more easily.

Grapes come primarily from Negrar, at an altitude of about 320 meters. Only the best grape clusters will be harvested and placed on bamboo lattices (and some small wooden crates) above the winery for the traditional “appasimento” until February. A very soft press occurs, followed by at least 50 days of fermentation at 10 degrees Celsius (low temps to maintain aromas). The difference in this wine is the choice of Slovenian oak, Chevalier uses large barrels (25 hectoliters) for up to 4 years