I Clivi 'RBL'

I Clivi 'RBL'


Country: Italy

Subregion: Colli Orientali, Friuli

Varietal: 100% Ribolla Gialla

ABV: 11%

Brut Nature

Organic and Biodynamic

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A Brut Nature Sparkling Wine that punches way above its price. The soils of I Clivi’s vineyards have been compared to Burgund’s Cote d’ Or. unlike Champagne that is made from a finished wine that is refermented in the bottle, RBL develops its sparkling quality in the vat from the retained CO2 that is produced from the alcoholic fermentation of the must. As a result, no refermentation is necessary and no yeasts or sugars are added. Bright, crisp, and citrusy with a textured mouth-feel that is unmistakably Ribolla Gialla.