Glassier Lagrien

Glassier Lagrien


Country: Italy

Subregion: Alto Adige

Varietal: 100% Lagrien

ABV: 13%


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From a family winery estate dating back to 1663, Glassier produces reds and whites among the hills of the Alto Adige appellation in Italy, bordering Austria. Lagrien is a native varietal to these lands. The process of making this wine is manual harvest followed by a spontaneous fermentation lasting up to three weeks. After being separated from the skins the wine will rest in stainless steel to naturally decant and will then spend a year aging in large French oak barrels.

As the Mucci Brothers (who imported this) say: “A cross between a lighter Austrian Red and Sangiovese would be the ideal way to describe this wine. This wine has lively fruit, like blackberry and other woodsy berries. There are also notes of roses and liquorish. The wine has a slender medium bodied feel but with structure and a grippy quality to it. Its elegance is what makes it so intriguing, as it becomes more complex as you dig into it. “