Barbacan Rosso di Valtellina

Barbacan Rosso di Valtellina


Grape : 100% Nebbiolo

Area of origin : Valgella, commune of di Teglio

Age of vines : 20 – 50

Altitude : 350 – 450 meters above sea level

Soil : Moraine (glacial rock and sediment)

Harvest : Mid- October

Vinification : De-stemming and soft pressing of the grapes. Matured on the lees in small barrels

of oak for 12 months. With the first warm days of June it spontaneously starts

malolactic fermentation which naturally ends in the cooler month of September.

Aging : Aging small oak for 9 months and another 3 in the bottle.

Production : 8,000 bottles

Alcohol : 12.5 %

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Barbacàn is Angelo Sega and his sons Luca and Matteo. They grow and collect Nebbiolo, Chiavennesca as the locals

call it, from their 3 hectares of vineyards in San Giacomo di Teglio in Valtellina on the border of Switzerland in the

Italian Alps. The Sega men are grower-producers, the vanguard of Valgella with a passion stronger than the

mountains they work in. It is not easy land to work, nor does the climate assist. Steep terraced vineyards 400+ meters

above sea level that involve tremendous amounts of hard, back-breaking work to obtain and maintain, 'heroic

viticulture' as the Italians call it. From vineyard to bottle, their strength, passion and hard work is evident.

Rosso di Valtellina doc is Barbacan’s work horse of a wine. A grippy mountain nebbiolo with expressive mountain path

fruits, a touch of forest floor and bits of easy leather. Allow this baby to breath a bit, relaxing into more delicate trip.

Rosso is a food lovers wine. Pairing it with foods such as: Stewed red meats, rich polenta or risottos, rye pasta with

cows cheese and cabbage makes the experience ever so more pleasant.